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My home: Savanna tiger-cat

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The savanna tiger-cat Leopardus tigrinus is found mainly in dense savanna formations and in the semi-arid thorn shrub-woodland Caatinga. They do not tend to be found in the open vegetation of these environments. It can also be secondarily found in some forest formations, such as the Babbassu palm forest of Eastern Amazonia. The savanna formations and semi-arid Caatinga are under severe pressure from the agricultural frontier, with > 50% of the area gone.

My home: Atlantic Forest tiger-cat

The Atlantic Forest tiger-cat Leopardus guttulus, as the name implies, is associated with different forest formations in the Atlantic Forest, such as rainforests, Araucaria, and deciduous forests. It can also be found in restinga beach vegetation. The species is found on the remains of this exuberant biome, which is only about 12% of the original cover.

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My home: Clouded tiger-cat


Clouded tiger-cat Leopardus pardinoides main habitat is cloud forests, but also on elfin forests and páramo, which is a more open formation in the high Andes, sometimes resembling a dense savanna. The cloud forests of southern Central America and the Andes are under severe pressure, with huge tracts of land being lost (> 50%).

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