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TCCI stands for the Tiger Cats Conservation Initiative, which is an assemblage of conservation oriented projects devoted to the tiger-cat species complex and other small cats’ conservation action taking throughout the Americas (within the tiger-cats range).

TCCI could also have a double meaning, as “Tropical Cats Conservation Initiative” – TCCI, as it also benefits all small cats present, which is pretty much the same.

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We are TCCI!


TCCI strategy stands on two “bedrocks”: Action & Vigilance. Action for conservation action taking to minimize threats to small cats; Vigilance in keeping a watchful eye on their key populations. Doing this interactively among affiliated projects.

To make it simple, we do conservation actions work focusing on each project area site threats. These threat X actions binomial currently in place are:

  • Disease: vaccination campaigns on domestic dogs and cats to lower the risks of disease spillover into natural populations, as dogs and cats are abundantly roaming free in natural areas, protected or not. We are also trying to push this “invisible threat” agenda into public policies government practices.

  • Retaliatory killing/Depredation: building of fixing/adjusting hen-houses to minimize chicken depredation and its consequent retaliatory killing. We have also begun testing the viability of cash reimbursement for confirmed cat depredation.

  • Animals apprehended/on the pet-trade: rehabilitation and release (when adult wild animals are the subject) or behavioral training and future reintroduction/release (when kittens/young or long-time captive individuals).

  • Road kills: we implement road-signs warning traffic on the existence of wild cats on roads identified by project members as problematic for cat conservation.

  • Habitat destruction and fragmentation + fires: being a non-governmental group we do not have capabilities to curb this, the main threat to most wildlife across the globe. What we can do locally and try to do at higher levels is to keep a close look through satellite imagery at few key sites for both deforestation and fires, i.e., we do habitat monitoring.

    Beyond threats per se, we also do:

Community work towards building a conservation-oriented mind: we developed a series of conservation oriented games, books, booklets, brochures, pamphlets, etc. focusing especially on children of varying ages. 

We believe that children are the future!

Small cat population monitoring: through camera trapping we keep a watchful eye on their populations for immediate action taking as needed.



Variety of areas of activity of the Tiger Cats Conservation Initiative.

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